Tuesday, 31 January 2017

1.2.17 Update Cheltenham Antepost.

What I will add here is what I feel is a really good Antepost Cheltenham festival double.

Foxhunters   ON THE FRINGE

Cross Country  CANTLOW

Both horses are trained by Enda Bolger. The gamble here is both these horses are 12 years old.
These horses have been trained exclusively for these races.
Enda likes to win the Cross Country race. This is his race in his eyes.

We need to buck a trend in the Fox Hunters. This is age, however this horse has low mileage on the clock and this is his exclusive target.

On the betfair sportsbook a £5.00 Win Double returns £84.35p at the current odds. That seems worth the risk for little more than a pint of Lager.




My immediate reaction when I started assessing this race was Lillington. On what happened @ Wincanton it is Lillingtons race. I never quite saw this myself as 1.01 shot but the majority obviously did.
Going back, the truth is we do not know what happened @ Wincanton in the fog in this race.
The fact Venetia Williams is happy to go against this rival again is a positive as far as I am concerned.
I will though be absolutely governed by the Market. In this I mean this horse cannot start anything bigger than 8s If it does I would scrap it. If it wins above 8s I will not claim this as a winner as it will not have a penny of my money on. this does not mean you cannot ask for 8+ in running as long as the horse jumps off 8s or less.
Wait until the last possible seconds. This way we will know if he is here for business or just making up the numbers. This is a risky one and Lillington looks by far the easier option in the race. I will stick with my selection be sensible on stakes.


I spent ages on this race and I will skip it. I can make a case for a few in here there are easier races I will sit and watch this one.




Just a coincidence that all 3 races I have covered have Venetia's horses fancied. I am though very worried here about Wilberdragon the 3rd here was pretty solid and good enough to put him in the firing line, better than that for me is the Sandown run. I fear this horse, he has youth and a bit of class to back it up.
Huff and Puff was lucky he did not crash out at the 4th last @ Wetherby. He smashed through the fence, that must have knocked the stuffing out of him. As long as he picks his feet up here I think he can run a good race.


I would not rush into Lady Buttons here. I certainly would not really take her on either. The difference yesterday was Lady Buttons was giving weight to inferior oposition. She may well blitz these a go onwards and upwards. It does seem a shame to give up on her, but there are a few in here that can cause her problems though I think. One that stands out is;
Allee Bleue; this one brings decent credentials into this race and brings really good form when you look @ the Huntingdon win. Unfortunately I think we need to just enjoy this one. I hope Lady Buttons goes in again then we know we had her at a great advantage. I fear this could be the end for now.



This is a really good Novice hurdle for Leicester and the winner of this race would not be out of place running @ the Festival.  First things first Laser Light can easily win this, but he cannot be backed in my view.
If you back this horse I suggest you go and watch the Southwell race. 1 word sums it up "BAD".
Tommy Rapper is another I just could not back here, I think he was flattered in his last race. Yeah he can win of course.
I will stand by what I say what ever wins this could go to the festival and get great place money on good day, even more with a touch of luck.
I can only see one winner, that horse has to be the one with untapped potential I think this is well placed here Reigning Supreme should run a very nice race.

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