Friday, 20 January 2017


It is Friday and let's celebrate with some weekend cash!!! Finger's crossed.



No point dwelling to long on this, Robinsfirth looks the horse to beat here.
 Course form can be invaluable here and there appears to be a little encouragement in the market for Definite Outcome he is capable of coming home respectably in this type of ground this could pose value if the confidence continues right through till post time.


Again no point discussing this race too long the fave looks like he has to lose this race. I would rather look elsewhere than go with the majority. If you bet this or the above go 1 point above the max trade then at least if it wins you will get some kind of return on your investment. This looks a very solid fave I certainly would not be laying this fellow today time and again Chepstow form is the best form to come here with.


This is a very tough race to start trying to pick winners out, but I do really like Allchilled out. At the moment using the money scale we would be looking to get 6.8 on this horse. That still looks pretty meagre when we frame up the race, it is a hard race. I would demand 8+ or I would rather look elsewhere. As long as this does not drift this will be my plan here and if I could get 8s that will mean I can sell off @ 4s and still leave some winnings on for a nice free bet.


I am really drawn here towards William Money I really hope this horse at the very least stay's steady in the market as I feel he could run a smashing race today, we do need to have a little leap of faith as his chasing form does look pretty bad in all honesty. My hope and it is HOPE is the hurdle race may just have sharpened him up. It is a a flimsy idea and I would completely understand if you discarded this horse. I just have a niggle that he may run a belter today. We do need to see no drift though otherwise scrap him.


I did not like Sports Barrow, but then I did not like anything. I would rather lay this all day every day, but that is a fool's advice. So I cannot give any here. Use the drifter method and have a fiver if you must bet.
Danceintothe light rarely runs a bad race here, so maybe he is worth a look I have no view on the race.


Mister Don. I do not fancy this much but do feel it could run a decent race, I am very concerned about his previous track encounters, I just do not think he likes it here. I am unsure on this, I think we can find less risky things to put our money on.


Appy Days has to lose this. I have seen better 2.2 shot's but this looks placed here to win. Again if you must bet this demand 3.5 thats a point above the max trade for money currently, if it goes bigger before the off then you can swerve it.


I do like Project Bluebook here, I like the Jockey I like the trainer I like the fact they are bringing this horse back here again after a good win. It again is a hard race to be picking the winner in, £491 went through @ 5s. So I would be looking for 6 using my rather crude 1 point above max. This will then if matched give me a little scope to angle on a free bet again at least. I feel we could even get more than 6s 7s looks reasonable in this race. The other horse in here that alway's runs well @ Muss is Old Johnny Delta, I think if you are backing to lay then this old boy is a genuine old friend. I do not think he will win this race but I think he will and is capable of giving these a good run for their money.


I like Chestnut Ben. I will try and bet this today I will not accept anything less than 8s more like 10s would be more realistic. I do not like betting old horses as they are simply not as good as the youngsters. This would be a minimum stakes bet and I would be certainly getting all my stake back quite early if I can get matched @ 10s.+. Small stakes. Age is not on Ben's side.


Pulpitarian. This is a bad race I cannot say many positives. I liked the Kelso run of this horse, so maybe it would be wise to wait and see if he returns to that track.


I would say this is a perfect race to use the drifter eliminator method.

Too many selections here today. If you nailed me to 1 horse I am quite keen on Project Bluebook. Good luck today I hope we can make a few quid to set up a great weekend.

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  1. Project Bluebook was very impressive winner, looks to be improving. Nice Selection