Sunday, 22 January 2017

22.1.17. Veinard to gain compensation.

Not much to write about today.



Everything appears to have run in the race won by That's a Wrap. I have a problem with this horse in that if he win's today he may well have to pass at least half this field to do so. He certainly could do it again and I would suggest if you are backing this one you should back him in running @ 14+ you really should get matched this one is not for me. I am going to side Veinard that was runner up to That's a Wrap.
As long as this horse can arrive here in the same form he should at very least have a decent track position so I would be looking to clear my stake @ 9+ for a free bet, and maybe strike again @ 4+ for a green screen. This is not a race to be looking to be making fortunes on for sure so I think we should be keeping the powder pretty dry.


I feel the winner will come from the top 3 in the betting currently. I have run a few filters and looked @ various ratings. I will take 2 against the field here Bentelimar & Stella Nation. Again this is a really challenging race certaintly not for the faint hearted, I feel I could pick 8 here and still miss the winner.


Visually when watching the races of Bakmaj and Imperial Way there can be no doubting that Bakmaj certainly looks much more impressive, granted this is was a flat race and he did not have the incovienence of having to jump any hurdles so thing's may have been different if this was the case. Today obviously this is a flat race so maybe I am over complicating thing's by not just going with this horse. I am fairly confident I can get a good run for my money in IMPERIAL WAY, the horse would appear to not have a change of gear so I am hopeful today this horse will remain handy and just grind out a win here from the 3f marker and just keep going which means something would hopefully need a good turn of foot to beat him.

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