Thursday, 19 January 2017


Using the price drifter method yesterday and refusing to take any early prices appears to be the way forward. Kings Odyssey drifted to 7.04 betfair Starting price this is a little different to the 11/4 being offered best odds or a 26.67 % chance. Once this drifted to the above odds it had a 14.29 % Chance. I am convinced after this drift it had more like a 5% chance so the betfair odds should have been 20s or 19/1.
Get yourself familiar with these kind of sums and play these on the markets and very soon for small stakes you turn your betting around. I am still very much learning, and it is only through being honest and accepting change in my thought pattern that I can attempt to turn losing bets around. I am as guilty as the worst of us of placing bad bets, even yesterday I still placed a couple of bad bets. The great thing is controlling emotion and demanding value, if it is poor odds do not bet it!!! if it wins smile you were correct. So was the majority and that is why the odds were so bad.    that is the calculator I used if you know a much better one tell me, I will be grateful.

On with today.


13.20 The fave wil take all the beating here, it would be nice to see a big drift on this and it losing. I was looking for a little value in the race. The market needs to settle as all the cash is going through this fave, Shanroe In Milan catches the eye as a potential back to lay, this has run well @ Sedgefield twice and it was quite fancied last time it went out like a light. Watch the market and look at the chart on betfair I will be interested to see if he can make his presence felt here.

14.25 Upsanddowns I think this is a good bet today


Tambura is ok in this kind of grade if she can show no signs of any drifing this could run a nice race today, conditions look ok for her and I am looking out for this one.


13.40 Cadoudoff.
Lets see what the markets do, I think Walt personally is poor value. I would like to take it on.

Tough race this.. Dawson City deserves to be fave, you could just stop there and bet this. I liked a couple in here As de Fer catches the eye, the one I like is Cyclops. Watch the markets see where the money goes.

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