Monday, 30 January 2017

A punishing lesson. DO NOT TAKE A PRICE!!!

Unless you are backing Antepost do not take a price.

I was a fool today, everything I preach was ignored just so I could, what I thought nick a little value.

The horse I bet was Clonusker. I marched in very proud thinking 5.8 thinking this was good deal. FOOL.
As the betting started I saw this horse jump out rapidly to 8s. I knew at this point the horse had no chance. I could have cut my losses and bailled @ around 7s but of course I did not do this, this would have been an intelligent thing to do. The horse ran an absolute shocker, the market told us it would and we were not let down. I am passing this on because, getting no run for your ££s is soul destroying.

We ended the day on a positive with Royal Salute going in.

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