Wednesday, 25 January 2017




5/4 Flora Moss is not for me. I will be looking @ Cracking Find but not much here.


Mister Don turns out again, maybe we could trade him over in running, nothing else really looks good.


Nietzsche looked generous the other day I would not accept the price but if we could get +30 % on the price I would be tempted.


I am keen to get Heron's Heir beaten I think this horse is a disappointment he does to his credit have a decent speed figure for chasing but I will play this as though he is beaten. This builds in value if we can find a big player here. I will side with Blandfords Gunner, not without reservations though. I do not think much of the pilot also I will need to see confidence in the market and no negative movement otherwise I would scrap this.



Oxwich Bay really should win this. I would to see confidence and him remaining sub 3s. I may try and get him in running @ 3.5.


Originally I was quite keen on Greyed A. The market appears negative for the horse? I will swerve this unless I see this hammered in for confidence.


Star Rider. I think this has a great chance today of getting back on the winning trail. I will be looking for 5s on her today.


See how things go I was looking @ Iconic sky in here. I am not keen in getting to involved in either taking on odds on shots or backing them unless there are really strong grounds to do so.

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