Monday, 23 January 2017




This looks a perfect race to follow the money it is a 3 horse race according to the betting. We can eliminate the drifter near the off I am hopeful Gray day is left as I am not so keen on this one so I would pick 1 of the other 2 Back to Thatch or The Bay Oak..


I do like Timoteo here. I will see if he remains confident in the market. Everything points in the direction of a good run from this one.


Any money for African Gold would be very significant. I do think though the engine has gone on this horse. All the signs are this horse looks gone. Money will be a big sign on this horse, as if he retains any ability he could smash this field to bits. I expect this to drift. The horse to beat her using logic appears to be Whisky Chaser, but he looks poor value currently I would accept nothing less than 4.5 on this one.


We bet Cabragh last time and it won really well, this is a very likeable horse and has done everything asked.
The horse that caught my eye here is ROLLING THUNDER I consider him to be the best bet on this card.
On watching the replay you can see when this horse jumps the last fence he is still full of energy, there was definitely more in the tank to give and he was very generous on the run in, I think whoever beats this will need to be good and at the top of their game.



Lady Buttons. I think the last run @ the course looks pretty decent. She is the one I am looking @ here.


There is a lot of early confidence behind Maxed out King. I spent no time on this as it is very short.


I have timed both No Planning and Bigirononhiship from the 3rd last fence Timeform have the ground stated as Soft.

No Planning      36.93
BigIrononhiship 37.90

This for me is significant especially when No planning was forcing the pace. This looks a great bet for me today but that is only my opinion. My best bet @ Newcastle I hope this stays solid in the market.


This looks a dodgy race to me, I will view this from a trading view only the horse I would trade in play is Rhymers Stone.


No real opinion here the early market is supporting Nomoreblackjack, however no liquidity so no real thoughts here.

There are 2 horses that really are high on my list    15.10 No Planning   15.20 Rolling Thunder.


  1. I like the look of Rhymers Stone, he's been really consistent of late. Bigirononhiship as well looks to have a great chance!

    1. Thank's for your input Phill much appreciated.