Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Keeping it very Simple.

I have been talking to as many respected "traders" or players. What ever you or I would like to call ourselves. Today lets just call ourselves traders as I am going to talk about a simple idea I had today that could not be more simplistic. I firmly believe if we keep adding rules we keep adding complications.
So 1 rule. We never place any money on a horse that has drifted. Drifting is subjective, also as I said earlier in a post and I have talked with respected traders, drifters do win. I believe they are bad bets but we are moving on. Kings Oddesey today was a prime example, nothing is more pleasing when you have not bet the horse and everything you preach comes true.

What I did today was easy. You can make it even easier if 15 minutes before the race copy down the prices of the 1st 3 in the betting. 30 seconds before the race eliminate the drifted price and make your choice which horse you will place your money on. Which ever method you use. Look at the traded price Maximum and go 1 point higher or what ever figure you feel comfortable with, but ask for value. Today I did 1 point for simplicity.

Then look @ the lowest the horse has traded @ and again go 1 point or whatever you are willing to go, the lower the bigger risk of course. Today I was simplicity man and I just stuck to the 1 point lower.

The results were superb today and I can honestly say I had no stress no worries. Up to now I have made over £40.00 profit with just £5 stakes on the win and £10.50 on the lay side.

1 Rule. No Fuss. I have no idea if it will continue to work. The reasoning as to why we stick with the 1st 3 in the betting is liquidity and price movements in play, this is where the concentration of money is moving.

I must add which I forgot use £500 as the markers of top and lowest price...

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