Tuesday, 7 February 2017

8.2.17 Update




I like the Catterick run of this horse. If he turns up in that mood he simply must be ptretty close in this field and the ground should not be a worry.




I just think this is the best horse in this race and if he retains anything of his ability he will win this race.

Today I am going to try something a little different on the blog. I am not sure completely if it will work out, but we can give it a go. I will trial this for the all weather.
I will attempt to update a few minutes before each race what I will be backing. It is very unlikely I will be betting in every race. I certainly will not be backing in odds on races. Again this is trial and error it will be last minute stuff, rush rush. So no big write ups just the name of the horse and the bet  which will look like this;

C 14.00 Captain K win (Example only).    Now this would mean Chelmsford/time/horse.  It is up to the individual if you take the price offered. I would suggest trying to get slightly bigger in play. 25% bigger than the price offered may be an option I will leave this up to you. Also if you wish to lay off in running, again this is your option I will not insult anyone.       Me personally I will layoff in running for at least my stake, that is also true on my place bets as well which we will likely strike today as well.
This is a trial, if you are going to follow this and bet with hard cash I suggest you use caution and sensible paper trade size wagers.

Also this may mean today some people miss the bets as this will really be last minute stuff. I will endeavour to get any wagers I have up here as early as I can. I will start a new page the Live page, that is where the information will go.

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